Lighting of the Torba chain store (Ternopil, Zluky Avenue 6)

Project manager Oleg Sachkovsky

Implementation period 08.11.2023-23.12.2023

Torba is an all-Ukrainian chain of consumer goods stores.



  1. Creation of an effective, modern and comfortable lighting environment for a store that claims to be the best place to make purchases in the city of Ternopil
  2. Development and implementation of a complex lighting and electrical solution for a modern supermarket, taking into account strict safety and efficiency requirements. Starting from the development of the concept and project of lighting and electrical networks to the full commissioning of all electrical consumers.
  3. Taking into account in the electrical system the possibility of autonomous operation of the store during possible long-term power outages.

Освітлення для Torba



Освітлення для Torba


As a result of the work, the Nova Light company developed a comprehensive solution, which specifically includes

  • The lighting of the store was created taking into account the requirements of zoning, using special spectra for the relevant groups of goods, such as: alcohol, cognac and whiskey, bread, vegetables and fruits, meat, fish, cheese, water.

Освітлення для Torba

  • Developed, manufactured and installed a system of distribution panels for special purpose of the MDB (main distribution board), LDB (lighting distribution board with automatic control of various lighting scenarios), ELP (emergency lighting panel), CRP (cash register panel), PB (power board), VS (ventilation switchboard), REP (refrigerating equipment panel), etc.
  • One of the lighting modes provides full operation of the store during long power outages with an illumination level of more than 400 lux without switching to backup power sources.
  • Particular attention is paid to the lighting of staff working areas such as the office, warehouse, utility rooms and cash register areas, which should ensure a safe and comfortable workplace environment.
  • An automatic control system for external lighting and a sign with a logo is integrated.
  • Safety solutions for electrical equipment in areas of high humidity are taken into account.

Освітлення для Torba