Automatic lighting control systems


The modern dynamic world poses new requirements and at the same time gives more opportunities to improve economic performance of operation with the help of automated lighting and electricity control systems, namely:

  • Turning on/off the illumination depending on the time of day or the level of illumination.
  • Change in illumination or light temperature.
  • Change in the illumination levels in the retail floors depending on the number of visitors.
  • Automatic control of illumination of workplaces in offices.
  • Simulation of changes in the time of day in livestock farming.
  • Automatic change of power sources of buildings or systems from alternative sources—solar or wind power plants.

Such opportunities and tasks are countless.

Nova Light світлодіоди

Our approach is based on the feasibility of using different technologies. Currently, there are a huge number of diverse systems, many of which require sophisticated customizations, software suites, and sophisticated engineering and IT support. The use of such complex systems is not always justified, either technically or economically. Before we choose a control system, we look for simpler possibilities with simple tools and appliances depending on real needs and usage scenarios.