Electrical design


Based on the lighting design, when there is a complete calculation of lighting parameters and types of lamps, we carry out electrical design. It involves the drawing of schemes, which will show the options for installing lighting devices and the location of the lamps.

Electrical design is carried out according to the following points:

  • the place for placement of electrical panels is chosen;
  • calculations of power usage and starting current are carried out;
  • a power supply and lighting control scheme is drawn up;
  • the necessary calculations of lighting network parameters are carried out;
  • the type of wiring, cables and the method of their laying are determined;
  • features of installation of lighting devices and other devices that use electricity are considered.

To increase the level of facility safety and ease of use, our specialists always model possible scenarios for the use of electrical systems, create new products and solutions.

The energy ecosystems of our projects do not require clarifications or additional schemes from the customer. We independently coordinate our project solutions with related contractors and take over all the work related to the documentary support for the light.