When electrical equipment is operated, it will need repair and reconfiguration over time. It is very important that this happens as rarely as possible and does not affect the current operation of the facilities.

That’s why we perform timely and regular lighting and electrical inspections. As part of our comprehensive service program, we carry out the following monthly activities:

  • Checking and further adjustment of the accent lighting system.
  • Audit of the condition of electrical (input, distribution, and lighting) boards.
  • Checking the condition of contacts, switches of low voltage boards.
  • Checking the serviceability of locks and closing of electric cabinets, switchboards and lighting boards.
  • Monitoring the absence of heating of contact connections, switching device housings, insulation of wiring in switchboards and branch-circuit panel boards.
  • Checking the electrical network (checking the voltage, compliance of the installed automation with the available loads, checking the uniform distribution of the phase-to-phase load).
  • Replacement of faulty sockets and switches.
  • Replacement of burnt-out lamps, ballasts, power drivers, and other luminaire components.
  • Checking the serviceability of emergency lighting when the working lighting is switched off.
  • Checking the serviceability of indoor and outdoor lighting, signboards and showcases.
  • Elimination of detected malfunctions and deviations in the operation of electrical systems.

When signing the agreement, we undertake to maintain the electrical system and provide documentary support in accordance with the law.