Lighting сoncept development


Light affects the emotional state of a human being.  We know exactly how it does and use it in our concepts.

We CREATE CONCEPTS based on the understanding of how space should be perceived by the buyer. We form a clear identification of the store and manage its retail space.  

To increase conversion and average check, we employ the following tools:

We create inspiration. By successfully combining light and interior, aroma and music, we set the person to the right emotional background and get a loyal buyer. 

We emphasize the zoning of the store. For example, in the fitting-room zone, we reduce the level of illumination to relax the buyer and give him/her the opportunity to fantasize; we place emphasis on the zones of new collections or promotional goods; in the product zones of display of fruit, meat, bread, cheeses, we use special spectra.

We design the shopper journey. In close cooperation with marketers, we calculate the most favourable buyer’s moving patterns along the retail floor using ‘visual magnets’.

We manage the selection of specific products or groups. In the concept, we take into account the peculiarities of the price positioning of the store, the perception by the buyers of the price of the product depending on the ratio of general and accent lighting, the level of illumination and zoning. 

We capture the attention of potential buyers. We create a concept of illumination that takes into account and emphasizes the properties of products, making buyers want to immediately smell or feel the product.

We draw attention to the store, inviting the potential buyer to go inside. To do this, we highlight the entrance space and showcases with light against the background of the store’s environment.