Emergency and evacuation lighting


Emergency and evacuation lighting is a mandatory part of the lighting system of any public or industrial premises. The system consists of evacuation direction indicators and luminaires that have to be able to keep working in case of complete loss of input power.

The Emergency and Evacuation Lighting system is intended to ensure safe and organized evacuation. The required levels of illumination are strictly regulated by state construction regulations.

There are several approaches to providing evacuation lighting. The first one is to equip the luminaires with special accumulator banks or install separate luminaires. The second one is to install a single centralized battery module. Our experience convincingly proves that the use of a centralized system is much more efficient in several parameters:

  • Significant saving on investments in this system (equipping numerous luminaires with accumulator banks is usually more expensive by over 30%).
  • Possibility of routine maintenance of the system for a long time (maintenance of numerous accumulator banks located in different rooms, with different access, of different types, and at different heights is almost impossible).
  • Ability to use all types of luminaires (not all types of modern luminaires can be equipped with built-in accumulator banks, which greatly reduces the possibilities for modern decoration and design of premises).

We design, manufacture, assemble, install, and maintain emergency and evacuation lighting systems of all types for all types of premises.