Lighting project development


To implement the concept in a specific room, we carry out a light engineering calculation of the required number of lighting devices and their location in the planogram.

We form 3D models of the light scene with levels of illumination, in which we:

  • Select the necessary amount of equipment and calculate its capacity.
  • Select the angles of light flux leakage.
  • Calculate the elevation of the light devices.
  • Calculate the angles of elevation of accent lighting devices.
  • Predict illumination levels taking into account the planned degradation of light sources, loss of light transmission of diffusers due to fine mechanical damage and dust.
  • Select the proper lighting modes for different times of the day and the crowding of the retail floor.
  • Calculate emergency lighting modes in accordance with state standards.

Based on our engineering experience and our own capacities in the development and production of light fixtures, we are able to optimize or modify luminaires to achieve the required levels of illumination in different zones. 

Our solutions allow reducing the amount of investment during the construction phase and the amount of costs during operation. For example, manual and automatic lighting control systems can save between 30% and 70% extra costs for electricity.

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