Manufacture of switchboard equipment


Ergonomics and safety are the two most important principles of our work with board equipment, regardless of the purpose or size of the boards.

At the board pre-design stage, we determine its main characteristics, analyzing the scenarios of its use. The circle of all possible users of the boards is determined and, if necessary, the board is automatically controlled. The main controls are placed as separate appliances or placed on the board door.

After the design of electrical circuits, our specialists develop an industrial design, taking into account the peculiarities of the room where it will be installed.

We implement all these things at our own production facilities, using components from European brands only.

Before each board is sent to the facility, it undergoes a number of mandatory routine laboratory tests.

We produce any types of boards

  • MDB (main distribution board)
  • GDB (general distribution board)
  • LDB (lighting distribution board)
  • PB (power board)
  • АTS (automatic transfer switch)
  • ELP (emergency lighting panel)
  • VS (ventilation switchboard)
  • SB(switchboard)
  • MP (metering panel)
  • TB (temporary board)
  • RS (residential switchboard)