MYplay (Dnipro, Voskresenska str. 10)

MYplay is more than a children’s store. A unique feature of the space is the presence of a game zone: a ball pool, a virtual reality zone, a slide, whiteboards, a laser tunnel, and more. The main goal of MYplay is to help the child find himself and identify his talent, and with the help of toys to develop it.


Creating lighting for rooms where children are supposed to be is an extremely responsible task, with a huge number of details and little things, without taking into account comfort, safety and activity cannot be combined.

That is why when developing the lighting system in the new MYplay children’s space, we chose light sources of the special spectrum Premium White from Philips. These Led modules have a comfortable warm (3,000 Kelvin) color temperature with extraordinary indicators of light purity, a color rendering index of 92% and an R9 coefficient (the presence of red color in the light spectrum) of more than 56. At the same time, the light retains a sufficient amount of the blue spectrum to ensure the energy of the atmosphere. The combination of these characteristics of light helps to make the stay in the MY PLAY space for both adults and children relaxed, interesting and without the slightest hint of fatigue.

An additional factor of comfort in this project was the use of power sources (drivers) with a very low light flux pulsation rate – about 1%. The almost complete absence of pulsation provides a pleasant, comfortable light, prevents fatigue of the optic nerve – one of the main factors of stress in the modern world.

MYplay is a space that, on a small area of about 500 m2, combines playgrounds, areas for creativity, tests and experiments, a photo booth, a laser tunnel, a video blogging area, a relaxation area with product display areas.

Such a complex and multifaceted organization of space puts forward separate requirements for the lighting of each zone.

The lighting of the shopping areas is designed and built in such a way as to arouse the interest of visitors at any point of the store, while the stay in the aisles should be as comfortable as in other areas of the space.

The lighting of the shopping areas is built with the use of LED spotlights for accent lighting of the LED NL CHE series from the Engineering Company “Nova Light”. The light is concentrated on the product. The level of illumination on the product is 1,200 lux, while the aisles between the racks remain at a comfortable level of 600-800 lux. In addition to comfort, such a ratio of illumination levels (light scene) with extremely high light characteristics of light sources creates a greater tendency to make emotional purchase decisions and reduces the influence of price factors with the help of a sufficient amount of pure red spectrum in the light (R9 index).

Zones of game and competitive activities have uniform bright lighting, which ensures comfort and safety during active movement. The level of illumination in these zones has an indicator of 900 – 1,100 lux and is achieved using a system of LED NL DN lamps produced by the Engineering Company “Nova Light”.

Creative zones are illuminated by LED NL LINE linear LED lamps stylized as sunlight and create a uniformly soft and comfortable light scene. The level of illumination is in the range of 700-900 lux, it promotes comfortable communication and awakens the talents of young visitors.

The MYplay children’s space contains an exclusive zone of children’s gadgets with a lot of glossy surfaces. The lighting of this area required something special, namely specially designed LED NL ROUND pendant lights with a radiating surface diameter of 1,100 mm. The large diameter prevents the formation of irritating glare on device screens even at a high level of illumination on the surface of tables with gadgets at 1100-1300 lux.

The large storefronts of the MYplay space located in the central part of the city serve as points of visual attraction for pedestrians on Voskresenska Street and the central Dmytro Yavornytskyi Avenue. To ensure the main function of visual appeal, the showcases are equipped with light sources with the best color rendering characteristics in the lighting industry today – 94%, and an R9 ratio of more than 95. These are PHILIPS CDM-T Elite metal halide lamps. The level of illumination of the shop windows reaches 2,000 – 2,500 lux, which favorably distinguishes the shop windows and the space of the store in the light ecosystem of the surrounding area, and makes them the center of attention for passers-by, especially in the dark.

The power supply and lighting control system, consisting of more than 100 groups, deserves attention. The system meets the strictest power safety standards for a huge amount of equipment used by children. First of all, it prevents electric shock due to the use of differential circuit breakers. For ease of use and increased safety of the shop staff, all control of lighting and backlighting of trading equipment is reduced to one button located on the front panel of the control panel. The management of the lighting of the shop window and the outdoor advertising sign is completely automated. The automatic system is built and configured in such a way that it turns on at dusk and turns off after midnight, when the activity of pedestrian traffic decreases so much that energy costs for the operation of outdoor advertising become impractical.

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