MYplay (Lviv, Shopping mall “Victoria Gardens”)

MYplay is more than a children’s store. A unique feature of the space is the presence of a game zone: a ball pool, a virtual reality zone, a slide, whiteboards, a laser tunnel, and more. The main goal of MYplay is to help the child find himself and identify his talent, and with the help of toys to develop it.

Creating lighting for rooms where children are supposed to be is an extremely responsible task, with a huge number of details and little things, without taking into account comfort, safety and activity cannot be combined.

Total area: 389 m²



  • LED spotlights for accent lighting of the LED MODEL T series from EC “Nova Light”
  • linear LED lamps LED NL LINE from EC “Nova Light”
  • system of linear LED lamps LED NL LINE from EC “Nova Light”
  • pendant LED lamps LED NL ROUND from EC “Nova Light” with a diameter of the radiation surface of 1100 mm

Showcase illumination level: 2000 lux

Light level on the product: 1000 – 2000 lux

The level of illumination of passages: 600-800 lux

The level of illumination of the zone of gaming and competitive activities: 900 – 1,800 lux

The level of illumination of the creative zone: 900 – 1,100 lux

Light color temperature: 3000 Kelvin

Color Rendering Index: 94

R9 ratio: 65, 96

Light flux pulsation coefficient: 2.8%

Light sources: Mg lamps CDM-T Elite, LED modules of the special spectrum Premium White from Philips.

Other implemented projects (MYplay stores):

Dnipro, str. Voskresenska, 10

Dnipro, shopping center “Dafi”, blvd. Zoryanyi, 1a

Dnipro, Sicheslavska Naberezhna, 31a

Kyiv, “Smart Plaza Obolon” shopping center, st. Marshal Tymoshenko, 21

Mykolaiv, 73 Tsentralniy Ave