Lighting for Lotok Store (Bucha City)

Project Manager: Yevhen Luchnyi

Project Implementation Period: March-April 2024

Lotok is a chain of convenience stores, already encompassing 96 stores across Ukraine. The new Nova Light project included the lighting reconstruction of a store located in Bucha city. 


Within the scope of the reconstruction:

  • Dismantling old luminaires (LED panels)
  • Design of updated lighting based on proprietary manufactured luminaires
  • Increase the brightness in the store
  • Fit the lighting reconstruction within a limited budget
  • Installation of the new lighting


To accomplish the project tasks, we provided the following services:

Lighting for Lotok Store (Bucha City)


Due to a comprehensive approach to lighting reconstruction in the store, we were able to:

  • Update the lighting of 4 premises
  • Achieve almost a twofold increase in average illumination after reconstruction using MITZ S212 luminaires from our own production while reducing electricity consumption
  • Implement an aesthetic solution to bypass air conditioners on the ceiling
  • Provided quality lighting of narrow passages between racks with MITZ S212 luminaires
  • Develop a concept and lighting design that helped reduce lighting costs
  • Stay within the budget for the store’s lighting restoration.