About company

Nova light is a Ukrainian integrated holding company specializing in integrated electrical distribution and lighting solutions for retail and other types of commercial real estate. The main feature is its own production and service cycle from concept development to maintenance of the commissioned facility. More than 80 percent of all products installed during the implementation of projects are developed and manufactured at the holding’s enterprises.

We have brought together the best specialists in all areas of our activity and created a unique seamless model of cooperation with our partners.

We integrate into the business processes of our customers and become a part of their team. The customer only needs to approve ready-made developed solutions, without spending extra time and without involving additional specialists to prepare technical tasks or in-depth analysis of the proposed options.

Our project managers, engineers and designers work independently with related organizations and coordinate all issues related to the combination of various engineering networks, the creation and maintenance of uninterrupted operation of lighting and power supply systems.

For our partners, we provide

  • Development of the concept of power supply and lighting
  • Lighting design
  • Electrical design
  • Production of luminaires
  • Production of panel equipment
  • Design, assembly and installation of guaranteed power supply systems
  • Design, production and installation of emergency and evacuation lighting systems
  • Design and installation of automatic control systems for electrical distribution and lighting
  • Electrical installation works
  • After-sales service

We pay close attention to the effectiveness of each of our projects. For us, the key indicators of its effectiveness are:

The positive impact of our decisions on the result of our customer's core business. This can include increasing periods of effective concentration in offices, reducing errors and defects in production, increasing the number of recepts and an average receipt in the store.
Total investment in the project implementation, taking into account the cost, complexity and speed of installation.
Ownership price, i.e. the cost of operating costs, including energy resources, repair downtime, the ability to ensure quick repairs and system operability for the repair period.