ESTRO (Kyiv, River Mall)

The ESTRO brand is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian fashion industry of shoes and accessories for women and men, which has been on the market for over 10 years.

The main advantage of ESTRO is the presentation of the latest global trends. About 10 design bureaus are working on the creation of the brand’s collections. And high quality is an absolute requirement.

The NovaLight team faced the task of harmoniously combining aromas, musical accompaniment and lighting individually developed for the network, and integrating all this into a recognizable image that will be close and understandable to every guest.

5 different types of visual zoning were used for:

  • checkout area;
  • the winds
  • fitting areas
  • zones with accessories
  • wall racks.

The shop windows are as open as possible, so we decided to make the shop voluminous and bright, attracting attention. The far rack is well visible, even from the atrium of the shopping center, we achieved this by installing an average lighting of 1500 lux around the store, but we directed 3000 lux to the far wall with high racks.

A special lighting solution with reflective lighting of shoes in the sales hall was also developed.

The following services were provided for the Estro store:

Equipment of own production:

  • LED track spotlight 32W NL Series, N 930, PC 3600/3200, 36/60 degrees, IP20;
  • Built-in lamp LED 24W NL Series, R 930, PC 2900/2500, IP20.

Total area of the store: 132 m²

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