Furla boutique lighting, Kyiv, Gulliver shopping center

The implementation period — March 2023

Services included in the project


  • Internal lighting of the trading hall

Проєкт освітлення для магазину Furla від Nova Light

Project assignment

Creation of a comfortable boutique environment, within the shopping center, which clearly emphasizes the premium segmentation of the product.

Characteristics of the light scene and the lamps used

Lighting levels of the trading hall

The level of illumination on the goods located on the racks is 1200-1500 lux

The level of illumination in the aisles of the trading hall — 590-790 lux

The level of illumination of the showcase — 1900-2300 lux

Cashier area 500-600 lux

The light temperature is 3000K

Spectra – Premium White