Uninterruptible power supply


Each enterprise occasionally faces power supply interruptions, both during routine maintenance by energy companies and due to emergency situations. For some categories of consumers, power supply from two independent power supply branches with a system of manual or automatic switching of power between branches is unfailingly provided. However, such a system does not provide 100% confidence in the uninterrupted operation of critical systems, such as emergency lighting, fire and security alarms, fire extinguishing system, and critical information systems.

We develop solutions that prevent even short-term loss of power for the time of switching automatic standby infeed for a variety of critical systems. Our approach is based on centralized uninterruptible power supply systems using batteries, diesel-generator units, alternative energy sources (solar, wind energy).

Системи гарантованого живлення

Centralized systems have several important advantages over the use of separate sources for each of the systems. During the construction phase, this ensures substantial resource saving and reduces investment. During the operation phase, it provides the possibility of transparent and system maintenance, timely replacement of elements and, thanks to this, increases reliability and reduces the cost of ownership of the system.

We Design, Manufacture, Assemble, and Install uninterruptible power supply systems.