Garden center Dream Garden (Kyiv, Polyarna st. 20)

Project implementation period: July 2023

Project task

The main task of the project was to create bright lighting with a design effect for an open-air garden center.

The key challenge was to achieve an illumination level of at least 1,000 lux with limited possibilities for placing luminaires due to the low height of the structures and the large distance between them. The luminaires had to match the design, be compact and not create a high glare factor.

Nova Light Садовий центр Dream Garden 3


The following services were provided as part of the project implementation: 

Nova Light Садовий центр Dream Garden

Nova light SERIES J


The project involved lighting the pedestrian perimeter inside the garden center and lighting the sidewalk on the outside of the center’s park using Series J street cantilever luminaires on decorative supports. The main functional lighting was implemented using Series H luminaires, with decorative lighting of trees using group luminaires and decorative elements.

We’ve created the best lighting for a garden center in Ukraine with a bright, yet comfortable level of illumination. To achieve the project objectives, we developed a special modification of Series H luminaires. Due to our own production capacity, we designed and manufactured decorative supports in accordance with the design project. Overall, our concept and design helped create a “magical” garden center.