Gym Lighting Project (Smila city)

Project Manager: Luchnyi Yevhen

Project Implementation Period: January 2024



  1. Designing linear lighting for the gym 
  2. Designing lighting for the technical room 
  3. Zoning of the premises 




For the project tasks, we used luminaires of our own production: 

Освітлення тренажерного залу


When designing the lighting project, it was important to preserve the zoning of the space: the premises are divided into zones for strength and cardio training. One of the tasks was to separate these two zones with lighting scenes. 


Due to the design and optimized characteristics of our own production luminaires, we:

  • The number of lighting fixtures has been reduced
  • Provided a level of illumination in the main halls around 400-500 lux 
  • Replaced spotlights in the yoga hall with linear luminaires for better uniform lighting 
  • Optimized lighting in technical rooms with built-in luminaires with IP20 protection level