Lighting for Veladis Store-Restaurant

Project Manager: Yevhen Klymentiev

Veladis is a chain of expert stores located in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia, forming a part of the Klion Group, an importer of fish and seafood in Ukraine. The Nova Light project was implemented for a store-restaurant in Kyiv.

Project task


  1. To prominently highlight the store during evening hours on one of the capital’s main shopping streets.
  2. To direct visitors’ attention to the freshness and quality of fish products and ready-to-go culinary dishes within the sales area through the use of accent lighting and specialized spectrums.
  3. To visually distinguish the restaurant from the store and create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for visitors in the restaurant’s seating area within the store.

Services provided


  1. Concept development
  2. Lighting project development
  3. Manufacturing of luminaires
  4. Electrical installations works





  1. A vibrant and comfortable lighting environment has been successfully created, in line with the client’s marketing positioning, effectively setting apart the store space within its surrounding ecosystem.
  2. The exceptional freshness of Veladis seafood is highlighted through the use of the unique Fresh spectrum.
  3. A comfortable dining experience has been created for dining directly in the restaurant of the store, which simultaneously serves as one of the scenarios inviting visitors to the store.