Carter’s (Kyiv, River Mall)

Back in 1865, William Carter, an entrepreneur from America, decided to start his business selling children’s knitted mittens. Already by 1900, Carter’s was firmly on its feet and popular throughout the United States. And now we all have the opportunity to choose the best clothes for our children, knowing that they will definitely be of high quality, comfortable and attractive.

For the Carter’s store, we had to complete the following tasks:

beat a lot of open space, which allows you to walk in the store with a stroller;
emphasize navigation and improved zoning;
to emphasize the style, fabrics and texture of clothes.

And in order to emphasize the color range, we used Premium Color matrices, which even better emphasized the natural fabrics and impeccable quality of clothes from Carter’s.


Equipment of own production:

  • Spotlight track LED 24W NL Series T 930 PC 2600/2300 60 degrees. white
  • Surface/suspended lamp LED 24W NL Series U 930 PC 2600/2300 36 degrees. white

Total area: 100 m²