Salateira (Kyiv, Volodymysrka St, 51/53)

Salateira is an international chain of fast-healthy restaurants with the principle of free choice of ingredients and a unique opportunity to combine products to your taste.

Total area: 420 m²

With the help of a 3D tour, you can carefully look, understand and evaluate the entire lighting system, which harmoniously integrates the design solution and marketing positioning of the restaurant.

P.S. Do not forget about the second floor

By: Nickolay Omelchenko

Kiev, Str. Yaroslavska 56

Kiev, Shopping Mall “Lavina Mall”

Kiev, Shopping Mall “RayON

Kharkiv, Shopping Mall “Karavan”

Spain, Alicante Carrer Colon, 21

UAE, Dubai, BC “Business Central Towers”