Lighting of the shelter office for Nova Poshta

Project manager: Oleg Sachkovsky

Implementation period: May – July 2023

Project task

The main task was the development of functional lighting of the working areas of the office-shelter and optimization of electricity consumption by the lighting system.

In addition, it was necessary to:

  • integrate into the network uninterruptible power supply systems for emergency and evacuation lighting;
  • optimize consumption by zoning each workplace with individual switches in the continuous line of the NL Series L lamp;
  • select and install equipment for the lighting control panel;
  • ensure the ability to control groups of working and emergency lighting from two entrances to the office premises thanks to the “switch master”.




NL Series L linear lamps were used to provide even and comfortable lighting on the work tables. These lamps are characterized by efficient light distribution, creating optimal conditions for working at workplaces and providing an illumination level of 500 lux.

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We also used:

  • Mitz linear lamps for technical premises;
  • pendant lighting fixtures NL Series U for bathrooms.


Due to the complex electrotechnical solution, it was possible to optimize lighting costs.

  1. The recommended level of illumination for the effective work of employees at the workplace has been reached.
  2. Integrated an uninterruptible power supply for networks with emergency lighting. Due to our solution, this uninterruptible power supply can provide 4 hours of lighting with an average total illumination of 350 lux.
  3. In the meeting room, according to the interior design project, linear lamps were formed in the form of a rectangle, which looks conceptual and at the same time preserves functionality.
  4. An interesting and non-standard task was to create five separate workplaces, which would be separated by individual lighting. We were able to achieve such a result with the help of individual switches in one continuous linear lamp.

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Photo: nkbud/instagram