Leo ceramika (Odessa)

Leo Ceramics is a chain of stores of quality finishing materials for renovation, which is a direct importer of many ceramic tile factories from all over the world, so the price offers on the product are the best. Also, it is comfort, convenience and European service with a full range of services – room design, selection of necessary goods and delivery to the destination.

High-quality decorative materials presented in the Leo Ceramics salon contain a huge number of extraordinary elements of texture, splashes and colors. It is possible to emphasize these features and help customers appreciate the advantages of the presented products by providing the highest possible indicators of color rendering of light sources.

Total area: 1241 m²



  • GOT SPOT ECO ST metal halide spotlights from Imperial lighting Factory, Poland
  • metal halide pendant lights NL DN HF from EC “Nova Light”
  • linear trunk lamp 2x1x80 LUG TRACK 5 from LUG Light Factory, Poland
  • decorative chandeliers and lamps NOVODVORSKI

Color Rendering Index: 94

R9 ratio: 96

Light flux pulsation coefficient: 2.8%

Light sources: metal halide and fluorescent lamps CDM-T Elite, CDM-T Evolution Philips, TL-5 80/840 Philips