Lighting for the Aviator chain stores (Kyiv, Atmosfera shopping center and Lavina Mall shopping center)


Project manager: Volodymyr Klychanovskyi mol.

Project implementation period: November – December 2023

AVIATOR is a chain of multi-brand premium clothing stores.

Project task

The lighting scene is one of the important tools of customer experience management. For example, the scene “Sunset by the sea” is often used for premium segment stores. It can create such an atmosphere for the client, where the value of the goods, and not their price, will be felt. We talked about this in more detail in our blog.

One of the tasks we faced was to emphasize the extraordinary quality of the store’s products by using specialized spectrums for retail trade. At the same time, keep the concept of minimalist lighting to create a premium experience for store guests.

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The following services were provided as part of the implementation of the project tasks:

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To create a complete customer experience, the stores are divided into three zones:

  • products area
  • checkout area
  • fitting rooms and a rest area.

Special lighting parameters were created for each zone, as well as lamps with special lighting characteristics were selected and produced.

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  1. A complex lighting system has been created. Our system organically weaves into the ecosystem of shopping centers, while the stores stand out from the rest.
  2. Due to the selected lighting devices, we have preserved the emphasized restrained premium style of the store, while improving the quality of color and texture rendering of the clothes and accessories presented in the stores.
  3. In addition to the main lighting, we have created a power supply system for the full operation of the stores during possible power outages.
  4. For a store in Lavina Mall, we developed and manufactured a set of equipment for built-in lighting in fitting room mirrors and lighting for retail equipment.

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